The fund has a strong absolute return orientation and invests across the market cap spectrum through a consolidated portfolio. Our stock selection strategy is not top down nor does it gravitate towards a particular sector. It is focused on bottom up research of companies that are well managed and financially disciplined, with a strong growth potential that can be held for multiple years and trade at a reasonable price. Our emphasis is particularly on mid cap companies that have minimal or no sell side research coverage, and we embark on a rigorous research process that spans the entire eco system in which the company operates, before making our decision.

We cater to investors looking for absolute returns over a long term time horizon. Our mission is to use our knowledge, expertise and corporate network to unearth quality, long term investment opportunities that help our investors make the most of their capital, without being tied to a particular benchmark or index. Whilst we have a mandate to invest in Asia and other markets around the world, we place a heavy emphasis on investment opportunities in India.