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The global impact of Wuhan crisis

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Its health risks will become clear next week but its impact on the economy is already evident – it will be considerable. The economic impact of the novel coronavirus outside China has been limited to date, but the outbreak will undoubtedly damage the Chinese economy and pose a serious risk to global growth .. Read more

A bubble in quality?

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Companies with safe balance sheets and clean governance have benefited disproportionately from elevated stock specific risks. Sunil Singhania of Abakkus Asset Manager has written an interesting piece on a bubble in quality stocks in India. .. Read more

Big bang steps

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With fiscal and monetary levers being pulled simultaneously, expect economic growth and corporate profit to accelerate. The finance minister surprised almost everyone on Friday with her announcements on corporate taxation. .. Read more

The best trade of the last decade

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No need for fancy stock-picking. Investors have made a fortune simply by betting against government ownership. As one of my good friends keeps reminding me, the simplest and most profitable trade over the last decade would have been to avoid or go short on any company connected to the government in any form or fashion and go long quality stocks in the rest of the market. .. Read more